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Close more sales with our top class leads

We feed fresh and high intent leads to your sales funnel which turns into nonstop revenue for your business at reasonable cost at a variety of billing structures that you choose from.

Our Services

Whether you’re looking to get calls or become an affiliate, our network connects brands to potential buyers.

Solar Appointments

We are partnered with the nation’s largest solar providers and generate hundreds of appointments per day for our corporate clients. Our solar leads and appointments are all generated live, exclusively and we offer a 100% contact rate. This helps our solar clients get the maximum ROI with each Solar Appointment campaign.

Medicare Live Transfers​

Our Medicare live transfers are one of the best ways you can explore to reach your target audience. Don’t waste your time and efforts prospecting sales leads. Let your clients come to you instead through this efficient and effective strategy, whether you’re a small-time insurance agent or a large insurance company.

Medical Transcriptions​

We provide medical professionals with fast and accurate medical transcription services & Medical dictation service. We are committed to providing exceptional service to clinics and hospitals across the United States and Canada.
We are a custom solutions provider and will work with you to create the solution you need.

Our Story

Who We Are

Against Time LLC is a USA based business process outsourcing company with offices in Virginia and back office unit in Canada. We specialize in lead generation, data management, list building, customer service, Medical Transcription & Billing, and marketing for Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare, Automotive, and Direct Marketing companies.

We are established with the aim to create a mindset that quality proceeds over quantity. We take pride in the quality of our business, how we treat our people who eventually take care of our customers.

Our Servicing include Inbound customer service, sales, outbound transfers across many verticals.

We help you build a business of your dreams with our services.

Why choose us

We are well experienced business professionals with younger minds.

We closely work with you to understand and identify your business goals that can be converted into actionable plans.

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